Praise for the Library of Alexandria

“Both on representational and practical levels, the new Library of Alexandria will soon be recognized as one of the most significant architectural achievements of our times.”
––Richard Ingersoll for Architecture 10.2001

“It may be overly optimistic to claim that only through cultural operations on this scale can the terrain for international understanding be relocated, but it is undeniable that this new institution (Bibliotheca Alexandrina) will become one of the most significant humanist endeavors in the Middle East, one that transcends ideology, religion and ethnicity.”

“The project is at once highly original in structure and form, ingeniously planned for its urban position and impeccably assembled with high-quality materials and details.”

“The soft wooden surfaces (of the interior), the acid-stained bronze paneling and the benign glow of the filtered light contribute to a resounding sense of serenity, the sort of peace that I hope will spread elsewhere.”
––Richard Ingersoll on “Egypt’s greatest contemporary building” Domus, 03.2002

“The wonderful stepped volume of the reading room is undoubtedly one of the finest spatial experiences of our times. Alexandria’s new monument is just as powerful, but it is gentle, enveloping, generous, welcoming and multivalent.”
––Peter Davey for Architectural Review 8.1.2001

“As a vanity project, the Bibliotheca should have little trouble doing for Alexandria what the Opera House did for Sydney or, more recently, the Guggenheim Museum for Bilbabo. Its roof resembles a gigantic microchip 160 m. in diameter, to reflect the idea of conducting knowledge to Egypt and beyond, just as the original did.”
––Scott Macleod for Time magazine, International edition 6.12.2000

“Here at last is something so resolutely and uncompromisingly modern that the existing urban fabric recoils slightly. Breaking the cardinal rule of the modern architectural and urban planning canon, the Bibliotheca stands magnificently at odds with its surroundings, like a giant challenge the seems to say: “This is the benchmark, now go and build something better”.”
––Warren Singh Bartlett for Wallpaper 11.2005

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The Aga Khan Development network, The Aga Khan Trust for Culture, Photographs, submitted by the architect , that document the project, 2004 [link]

Bibliotheca Alexandrina [link]

Movie viewable on Windows Media Player, 2004
The Aga Khan Development network, The Aga Khan Trust for Culture, Video Presentation of Bibliotheca Alexandrina, A seven minute, high resolution video presentation of “Bibliotheca Alexandrina” [link]


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