European Architectural Competition: 2004
Project Scope: competition design
Project Size: 160,000 sq. ft.
Project Type: Cultural
CK-Architecture in collaboration with
Bramberger Architects

The brief called for a library center in the immediate vicinity of the “old town” of Bolzano. The existing collections of the county library: “Dr. F. Tessmann” (German), the county library: “Claudio Agusta”(Italian) and the city library of Bolzano: “Cesare Battista” (Italian) should be combined into a common facility. The design proposes 4 linear building elements. Three are designed to contain the original libraries while the forth functions as general book storage area. The four linear elements are slightly curved towards the main entrance in order to respond to the urban context. During the transition time from three special libraries to one combined library center, each building element will function separately while the collections are slowly absorbed and reorganized in the general library repository. The design proposes a highly linked, flexible and expandable public library.