Selected Awards

2005 Honorable Mention: Urban Habitats Competition in Charlottesville, Virginia, USA

2004 The Aga Khan Award for Architecture: for work on the Bibliotheca Alexandrina (As partner of Snøhetta) [link]

2003 Meritorious Award: International Competition for the Malama Learning Center, Hawaii, USA [link]

2003 The International Association for Bridge and Structural Engineering. 2003 Outstanding Structures Award: Bibliotheca Alexandrina. [link]

2003 Institute of Civil Engineers’ Bill Curtin Medal: Bibliotheca Alexandrina

2002 The American Society of Civil Engineers: Outstanding International Award: Bibliotheca Alexandrina

2002 IMM Stone Award: Bibliotheca Alexandrina [link]

2002 Deep Foundation Special Recognition Award: Bibliotheca Alexandrina

2002 World Architecture Award for Africa and the Middle East, Berlin: Bibliotheca Alexandrina

2002 Finalist: Aomori Northern Housing Complex, Aomori, Japan

2000 First Prize: International Competition for the New National Opera House in Oslo, Norway. (As partner of Snøhetta)

1996 First Prize: Norwegian Embassy In Berlin, Germany (As partner of Snøhetta) [link]

1993 Mention: SOS Aufbau Competition, Vienna, Austria

1990 First Prize: Lillehammer Olympic Art Museum, Lillehammer, Norway (As partner of Snøhetta)

1989 First Prize: International Competition for the Bibliotheca Alexandrina, The New Library of Alexandria, Egypt (As partner of Snøhetta)

1988 Honorable Mention: International Landscape and Architectural Competition for an Arboretum Master Plan at the University of California, Davis

1986 Honorable Mention: Shinkenchiku International Residential Competition

1978 First Prize: Friedrich Zotter Gedächtnispreis, Graz, Austria


2007 California State Polytechnic University Pomona Spring Lecture Series, Pomona, CA, USA [link]

2006 III Congreso nacional de Bibliotecas Públicas, III National Conference of Public Libraries, Murcia, Spain

2005 American University in Dubai, UAE [link]

2005 Pharmaka Gallery, Los Angeles, CA, USA

2004 Catholic University, Washington DC, USA [link]

2004 Royal Institute of Architects, Dublin, Ireland

2003 International Librarian Conference, Vienna, Austria [link]

2003 Architectural Conference Turn-On, Vienna, Austria [link]

2002 University of Braunschweig, Germany

2002 University of Stuttgart, Germany [link]

2002 University of Innsbruck, Austria [link]

2001 University of Southern California, School of Architecture, Los Angeles, CA, USA [link]

1998 American University in Cairo, Egypt [link]

1996 Technical University in Graz, Austria [link]

1996 Galerie Schwanenwik, Hamburg, Germany

1991 Technische University; Graz, Austria

1991 Bibliotheque Nationale; Paris, France [link]

1991 British-Egyptian Society, London, UK

1990 Zentralvereinigung fur Architekten, Vienna, Austria

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